This Tiny Martial Artist Struggles To Break A Board, But Will Melt Your Heart In The Process

If you’ve ever taught little kids’ martial arts, you know it’s rarely easy… but often adorable. Young children don’t always have the attention spans to learn detailed techniques, and oftentimes, they even struggle with the very basics.

The three-year-old in this video doesn’t do jiu-jitsu (yet), but she’s already on her way to learning the discipline that martial arts can teach you. And she demonstrates it by trying super hard to figure out exactly what her instructors want her to do during her board-breaking test. Watch it all the way to the end for maximum cuteness, but don’t blame us if you startle the people around you by yelling “AWWWW” in public.

Baby break – Rotura de bebé

Llaumigely Castillo 3 años

Posted by Institución Nacional Taekwon-do Puerto Rico on Saturday, April 28, 2018


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