This Web App Helps You Improve Your Jiu-Jitsu Based On Position And Technique Complexity

Image Source: Stewart Uy

With all the technique videos out there, it can be hard to find one that works for your exact needs. But this struggle may become a thing of the past thanks to Reddit user and blue belt DWDevDW.

DWDevDW created The Waza Oracle when they were first learning how to code as a quick reference guide for jiu-jitsu practitioners looking for technique videos. The app isn’t anything fancy, but it doesn’t need to be — just select a position from the drop-down menu, then choose your desired level of complexity. After clicking the “Let’s roll!” button, a video corresponding to your search criteria will be randomly generated from a selection of clips curated for the app. Because there’s a variety of videos available, you can click the button multiple times without changing your search criteria if you aren’t happy with the first result.

Whether you’re looking for a new technique to focus on during open mat or need a way to shut down that one teammate’s annoying closed guard, this app can be a fun, easy way for jiu-jitsu athletes to expand their education outside of class. Try it out for yourself here!


Featured image by Stewart Uy


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