Three Jiu-Jitsu Hairstyles (That Will Stay While Rolling) For People With Long Hair

CC0 Creative Commons/Pixabay

If you have long hair or have ever rolled with someone who has long hair, you no doubt have experienced many of the problems that come with seven inches or more of hair flopping around on the mats with you: hair in your face, getting large clumps of hair accidentally pulled out…the list goes on and on.

In this video, BJJ practitioner Mac Coplin shows three different hairstyles for long-haired people. Shel also claims these styles will stay in place while rolling. Though she says the video is targeted at both men and women, most of the styles will probably appeal more to women than to men. She also says that all hair types are different, and these styles may not work for everyone.

Still, this video may be worth checking out if you or a jiu-jitsu practitioner you know has long hair.


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