Tired Of Feeling Like A Pancake? These Side Control Escapes Are For You

We are working on side control this week in our academy. By far, the biggest challenge for new students is getting caught underneath side control.

As the great Marcelo Garcia says about getting out of an opponent’s heavy, tight side control “There is no magic!” There is no secret “get out of jail free card” move to get out of side control. The good news is that there ARE tried and proven side control escapes, but I’m not saying they’re easy.

The first one we learn is the basic replacing the guard. While effective all the way to black belt, guard replacement is not the only way to escape side control.

Going to turtle is also a very effective strategy when done technically. Most new students will question, “I thought that we weren’t supposed to give up our back?” Strategically going to turtle is NOT the same thing as giving one’s back.

Professor Brent Littell shows how to combine the guard replacement with a running man escape.

Black belt Mark Mullen shows how to get the underhook and go to knees to replace the guard. Going to turtle is a better position than being trapped underneath a heavy side control.

What is your best side control escape?


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