Here Are Three Attacks You Can Do From An Armbar Setup

One of the more fun aspects of jiu-jitsu is figuring out all the paths you can take from one starting point. In this video, “Timura_BJJ” demonstrates three submissions you can achieve from a basic armbar setup, which include two armbars and a modified Americana.

Timura_BJJ gave further instruction in the description of the video, saying: “I decide which arm to attack by simply choosing the arm that’s on top. The bottom arm is guarded by the top arm, leaving the latter exposed.

A good way to loosen the grip and creating space for the second and third attack, is to squeeze your thighs into both triceps of your opponent. As long as you squeeze your thighs together with a gap that is shorter than your opponent’s forearm length, you’ll create the space you need.”

Watch this video and see if you can master all three of these submissions from this position!



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