Tito Ortiz Held The RNC On Chael Sonnen For Too Long Because Of ‘Ill Will’

Retired Bellator fighter and UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz admitted that he held his rear naked choke for too long when he tapped out Chael Sonnen at Bellator 170.


“When he was tapping, I thought he was trying to grab my hands, but I kind of held on to it because I have ill will towards him,” Tito told reporters at the Bellator 170 post-fight press conference. “But that’s just me. When someone talks shit about my family, when someone talks about my character, I have bad will towards that person. And I’ve never done it like that before. But it was just something in my mind saying if I let go and they stop and they restart it again, I ain’t going to let this happen. But I apologize to the Athletic Commission for holding on a little longer, but I did hold on to it longer.”

As this is a first-time offense, it is highly unlikely anyone – be it NSAC or Bellator – will take any action against him.

Besides, what could they do? He’s retired.




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