Tito Ortiz Wanted An Apology From Chael Sonnen, Got ‘Happy Birthday’ Instead

Chael Sonnen was extremely humble in defeat after former UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz served him his second consecutive loss.

“I’m the loser tonight,” he told reporters at the Bellator 170 post-fight press conference. “I’m not here to promote anything. This is Tito’s night. And it’s tough. Coming to a press conference when you lose is tough. But it’s protocol, and we all follow different codes, and I will say whatever I want before a fight, but by God I will walk out there and answer for it. And if it doesn’t go my way, I will show up at the press conference and hanging my head as well, but this is Tito’s night.”

But fans and detractors don’t call Chael “The American Gangster” for nothing.

Right before the fighters were going to stand up for a photo op, Tito leaned towards the microphone.

“You have something to say, Chael?” Ortiz asked.

“I thought I said it,” Chael responded. “Happy birthday.”

Granted, it was close to Tito’s birthday, but after weeks of taunts and one particularly off-color comment about his ex, adult film star Jenna Jameson, it was certainly not the response he was looking for. Still, the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion took it well.

“You’re going to leave it at that?” Ortiz asked.

“I’m going to leave it at that,” Sonnen replied.

“Alright,” Tito said, nodding with a slight grin. “I’ll give you a chance, dude.”

What did he expect from Chael Sonnen? An apology?

You can watch the entire Bellator 170 post-fight press conference below.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The original version of this article implied Tito’s birthday was January 21. It is really January 23.


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