Today The Jiu-Jitsu Community Lost A Great Soul

Today the jiu-jitsu community lost a great soul and one of its most enthusiastic members.

Adam Dietrick, 22, passed away due to a blood clot that traveled to his lung. The insurmountable shock this sudden tragedy has left us with is a reminder that our loved ones should feel cherished every day. Our thoughts are with Marcia Hilliard, loving mother and supporter, as well as all those whose lives have been dimmed by the loss of this radiant star.

We find ourselves stuck in a routine or running endlessly to attain imperative goals while forgetting how precious and fleeting life is.

Tom Deblass Posted: June 29

“We need prayers. Last night my student fainted after the warm ups. We called the ambulance to come get him but we didn’t think it was anything more then him forgetting to eat. He was coherent when he left and we all expected him to be training today. As he was leaving we were busting his balls that we would see him in a few hours and telling him next time to eat before he trained.

When he got to the hospital he flat lined. Turns out he had a huge blood clot in his lung. He is a great boy, 22 years old and a heart of gold. He recently drove to Colorado and complained of a sore hip, this is possibly the start of the clots, but know one knows where the clots came from.

While Adam still has clots the biggest problem is brain swelling. When he flat lined his brain ended up swelling.
Adam is in a coma and we need prayers. He’s a good boy I tell you and we need him with us.”


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