Tom DeBlass Rolling With A 60 Years Old Purple Belt After Seminar! No Excuse

Tom DeBlass, the renown American BJJ practitioner and mixed martial artist, recently posted a video of himself grappling with a mature jiu jitsu student on his Facebook page.

Betty Broadhurst, who is a sixty year old pharmacist, is shown in the video on the mat with DeBlass, trying out a range of different maneuvers and holds. Being a jiu jitsu student has obviously helped Broadhurst to defy father time, because she appears extremely supple and agile for someone her age. The video attracted many positive comments from Facebook users, who said that they regard Broadhurst as an inspiration

I always say Jiu-Jitsu is for everyone and I mean it. Here I am rolling with Betty Broadhurst after my seminar. Betty is a purple belt, 60 years old, and on the mats with no excuses looking to better herself!! Awesome.


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