Tom Hardy Grappling Footage

Actor Tom Hardy, known for his roles in films like The Dark Knight Rises and Mad Max: Fury Road, is known for embracing strenuous athletic endeavors both for his job and for fun outside of work. In fact, he’s a member of the jiu-jitsu community and recently earned his BJJ blue belt.

Years ago, though, Hardy pushed his grappling skills to the limit when he embarked on a journey across the R504 Kolyma Highway, also known as the “Road of Bones,” in Siberia. Known as the coldest road on Earth, this sub-zero trek took Hardy and former Formula One driver Mika Salo from Yakutsk to Oymyakon. On the way, they decided to make a special stop.

Hardy volunteered to try out his wrestling skills with some of the locals, who demonstrated their prowess while still being respectful. Keep in mind this video was filmed back in 2013 — we have to wonder how the Venom actor would do things differently now that he has some more grappling under his belt!


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