Top 5 Biggest Lies In Jiu-Jitsu

This video by BJJ Cache goes over the top five lies in jiu-jitsu.

They are as follows:

Let’s go light! 

How often have you heard your opponent suggest “Let’s go light,” only to find yourself choked unconscious ten seconds later? Let’s face the facts: when people compete, they naturally go hard. Might as well accept it.


“Sponsorships” make you “a walking talking billboard for 30% off of t-shirts.” They often not only require you to endure endless pieces of spam mail, but also to spam all of your friends and followers on social media. And if you think the free stuff you’ll get will make it worth it, keep in mind that most of what you’ll get for free probably won’t be anything you need.

Strength doesn’t matter. 

This is one of the most frequently heard lies. There’s a reason why Andre Galvao is built like a silverback gorilla and you can shred cheese off of Mackenzie Dern’s abs.  That reason is because both of those competitors know strength matters.

Yes, if you’re a weak, flabby black belt going up against an athletic white belt with no grappling or fighting experience whatsoever, you might be able to dominate him. However, if that same athletic individual were a brown or even a purple belt, you’d probably get smashed.

Technique is without a doubt the most important part of BJJ, but that doesn’t mean strength is irrelevant.

I don’t have an ego. 

BJJ Cache puts it extremely well: “You might leave your ego at the door, but when you go home, you take it with you.” Most brown belts would be pretty irritated if they got tapped by a white belt, and most white belts would be pretty proud of themselves if they tapped a brown belt.

The reason for this is people have egos.

I don’t have any injuries. 

Most BJJ practitioners have injuries from previous classes. Rather than list them off, they’d probably rather just roll.

Check out the entire video from BJJ Cache below:


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