These Two Didn’t Let A Snowy Day Ruin Their Takedown Training

Looking to practice your takedowns?

Can’t make it to class?

Well, good news: as long as you have a partner (or a training dummy) you can still practice your trips, sweeps, and throws.

In fact, a snowy day is the perfect day to practice your takedowns outside. Snow provides natural cushioning. In fact, you could consider it nature’s mats.

Yeah, it’s a little uncomfortable, but so is getting thrown, especially if you haven’t been practicing your break falls, which is sadly the case at many BJJ gyms.

Check out the video below:

Judo is perfect for snow!

Judo is perfect for snow!Repost USA Stars East Judo

Posted by I Love Takedowns on Sunday, January 7, 2018

By the way, these two aren’t the only grapplers refusing to let a little snow hamper their training. Three years ago, The Spider Ninja himself, Mike Bidwell, posted a video of himself rolling in the snow:

And then there are these brave souls:


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