Dana White Saved A Thai Girl’s Life Eight Years Ago, Today He Met Her In Thailand

UFC President Dana White is frequently the butt of people’s jokes. With his aggressive, Trumpian style (which should make it no surprise that he was an outspoken supporter of the reigning Commander in Chief) and occasionally unpopular decisions (think of how people responded to Fight Pass or his support of the Reebok uniforms) the Bald Father is one of those guys MMA fans sometimes love to hate.

But apparently, Dana White can be a pretty cool guy sometimes.

According to a recently posted Youtube video from the Real Quick With Mike Swick channel, White saved the life a Muay Thai kickboxer’s daughter almost eight years ago.

Tuptim, daughter of Muay Thai fighter, Rattanachai Wor Walapon, was born with a rare liver disease. The baby was in desperate need of a liver transplant, but the family could not afford the $50,000 necessary for the procedure.

Dana White, however, paid for the entire thing.

Recently, after seven years of waiting, Dana and Tuptim met for the first time. The meeting was arranged by AKA Thailand owner and retired UFC fighter Mike Swick.

“I have been waiting 7 years to meet Mr. Dana,” Tuptim’s mother said. “That day, my dream came true.” She later said, “We are so thankful he will bring us to Las Vegas.”

I can honestly say I have never been driven to tears from anything Dana White has ever done.

Today, that changed.

Check out the video below:


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