Tye Ruotolo Named IBJJF’s Youngest Black Belt World Champ in Aftermath of Mica Galvão Doping Scandal

Tye Ruotolo

With former 2022 IBJJF world champion Mica Galvão officially stripped of his title due to USADA violations, his longtime rival and previous Mundials runner-up Tye Ruotolo has been named the new champion of their division, according to an announcement on the Ruotolo brothers’ joint Instagram account. The new title officially makes Tye the IBJJF’s youngest black belt world champion. With his brother Kade already proudly wearing the crown of ADCC’s youngest champion, the twins have collectively set an unprecedented record of achievement in the world of elite submission grappling.

Both Ruotolo brothers have also long spoken out against the abuse of PEDs in the sport of jiu-jitsu, and are famously proud of their status as natural athletes. In a post on his personal Instagram account announcing his new title — while clearly expressing thinly-veiled disapproval of Mica’s anti-doping violation — Tye wrote, “When you believe in your own natural ability and techniques then you don’t need PED’s. I’m coming back this year to do it right.”


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