The Ude Gatame Arm Bar From Seated Guard

I learned this arm bar from Marcus Soares of the Carlson Gracie Team in Vancouver a long time ago, and it still is an great arm bar attack.

The Soares academy was filled with strong, aggressive pressure guard passers. When one of these guys got their grips on your pants and pinned your knees to the ground, you were about to get passed!

Professor Soares showed this sneaky arm lock that is effective not only as a submission, but also as a grip break to deal with strong passers.

The Ude Gatame Arm Bar From Seated Guard by BJJ Black Belt Mark Mullen

The timing for this arm bar is important and the angle is also a little tricky. You have to drill it to find the correct angles and timing. But it works GREAT against a strong grip where the opponent doesn’t want to let go of your pants.


If he is determined to keep a grip on your knees, he gives his arm!

Here is a story about this technique from Prof. Marcus Soares:

“My brother, Marcus Aurelia, was the specialist on this technique.
I remember a Black Belt from Carson’s school to call him out for his warm up training, my brother was a brown belt at the time.

The Black Belt tapped 3 times in a row for the same lock in less than 90 seconds and untied his belt, threw it on the ground, said some angry words and left the school very mad.

I believe that the lesson was learnt, never, but never, underestimate or think you’re superior to someone that is just offering help to improve your game.”

Wise words from the old days at the famous Carlson Gracie Academy.

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