UFC CHILE RESULTS: Kamaru Usman Extends Win Streak To 12 Straight With Win Over Demian Maia

Source: Youtube, MMAjunkie

EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, we missed the first round and most of the second. 

Usman chased Maia around the perimeter, pressing him up against the cage. Maia then jumped guard. Usman did not make an effort to pass, but landed a few short shots before the round ended.

Round 3 and Maia went for a single leg, but didn’t get anything. Usman chased Damien around, though, and hit him with some big shots. There wasn’t much action in this round, as both fighters stuck to a simple strategy of throwing one-twos then backing up. Usman was definitely hitting the stronger shots, though.

The fight ended up on the ground again in the last thirty seconds and again it ended with Usman in the dominant position.

Usman opened up the fourth with a huge right. Damien went down and Kamaru swarmed on him. Maia turtled up, and Usman backed off.

Maia went for a takedown but Kamaru sprawled and landed some short, safe punches. Usman kept his opponent in a front headlock, holding Maia down but not landing anything.

Usman got up and Maia went for the takedown, but again, no dice!

Maia bled from his left eye. He seemingly had only one strategy: throw some jabs then go for a takedown.

Demian spent the last twenty seconds of Round 4 running from Usman.

Fifth and final round. Maia went for a takedown, but Usman kept him away with an uppercut attempt.

Damien went for yet another takedown attempt, but Usman once again sprawled and held him in a front headlock. Maia wanted to play some ground work, but Kamaru stood there, wanting his opponent to get back up.

Usman continued the cat and mouse game, forcing Maia to run away.

Yet again…you guessed it…Maia went for a takedown and Usman sprawled. Demian worked for an arm triangle from the bottom but gave up on it.

Kamaru stood up and Maia followed him up.

Maia quickly went for the ground, but this time went into half guard. Usman broke away, and briefly looked like he was willing to go to the ground again, but then changed his mind.

The fight went back to standing with under a minute to go, but it didn’t stay that way. Maia went down and Usman backed away.

Kamaru landed a high kick in the last twenty seconds and chased his opponent around the cage before the match ended.

By the time the match was over, there was no question as to who won. Kamaru Usman took the match via unanimous decision.



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