UFC Will Be Withdrawing Its Support Of European Judo Championship

UFC, which is the premier mixed martial arts organization, is saddened and disappointed to announce it will be withdrawing its support of European Judo Championship. The decision was made after the European Judo Union announced it would be cancelling the event if UFC was to stay involved. The European Judo Union, which is also know as the EJU, said that it would be cancelling the event just nine weeks before the event was set to take place.

The international event is set to take place during the week of April 9-12 2015 at the Emirates Arena, which is located in Glasglow, England. UFC’s withdrawal from the European Judo Championship is going to hurt many people. It can potentially harm the legacy of the Commonwealth Games, which took place in July 2014. It is also going to jeopardize many people’s chances of making it to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

The UFC announced it would be withdrawing support from the event in the interest of fans and athletes. However, it will continue to support British Judo as well as other combat associations and federations. They hope the problem will be resolved in the near future.

David Allen is the general manager and vice president of UFC EMAE. He stated the reason UFC supports all combat sports is because they like to see athletes thrive. He also stated UFC wanted to help increase ticket sells, promotion and reach a new audience.

UFC was able to support European Judo Championships with its marketing, branding and association with the event. The organization was able to promote European Judo Championships to millions of people around the world. One week ago, a mixed martial artist from Glasglow teamed up with Judo Athletes at a press conference. They teamed up to help promote the event.

Robert Whiteford stated he was thrilled to be at the event. He also stated he is happy to see the cross collaboration between individual combat sports and mixed martial sports. He believes other people should embrace the development of the sport. Sharing knowledge, skills and techniques is essential for professional, physical and personal development. That is why UFC choose to be involved in European Judo Championships.

Many people believe the European Judo Union wanted the UFC to withdraw support because they believe the UFC would hurt the EJU more than it would help them.

UFC Official News: http://www.ufc.com


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