Ugly Christmas Sweater Jiu-Jitsu Is, By Far, The Best Form Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Out There

There’s a lot of arguing about which form of jiu-jitsu is better: gi or no-gi.

Sadly, ugly Christmas sweater jiu-jitsu has been left out of this debate.

But should it?

In my humble opinion, no!  In fact, I would argue that ugly Christmas sweater jiu-jitsu is, by far, the superior form of BJJ.

After all, people don’t wear gis in the street, and most of them don’t wear rash guards.  Some people do, however, wear ugly Christmas sweaters, especially around the Christmas season. I would therefore argue that ugly Christmas sweater jiu-jitsu is the most practical form of BJJ out there.

Secondly, ugly Christmas sweater jiu-jitsu offers the best of both worlds. Christmas sweaters aren’t as thick as a gis, but they aren’t as as thin as rashguards.  You’ll feel warm and cozy on the mats without that burlap sack feeling that comes with wearing a gi.

Thirdly, after you’re done rolling, you’re probably not going to want to show up to Christmas dinner wearing your gi or your rashguard (unless you’re John Danaher, of course). But with an ugly Christmas sweater, there’s no reason to change. Just roll, then be on your way to your Christmas party.

Finally, there’s style. Who can beat an elf design or some godawful portrayal of Santa? And for your ladies (and maybe some of you gents) you can always rock one of these reindeer boob sweaters. They’re sure to make you look like one of the baddest grapplers on the mats.

Glad to see Stephan Kesting and Rob Biernacki have opened their minds to the magic of ugly Christmas sweater jiu-jitsu!


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