Unofficial Gracie Challenge 2009: Backyard Wrestlers Vs BJJ Black Belt

Robert Lovi, a black belt in BJJ, trained under the renowned Pedro Sauer. If you tell Lovi that you’re an underground wrestling champion, then he’s going to challenge you. In fact, that situation played out between Lovi and two guys at a bar years ago. One of the men claimed to be a 50-0 champion from San Diego with a 300-pound bench press. Lovi invited both guys to his academy in San Diego for a sparring match.

In this case, everyone treated the situation like a for-fun event. Lovi schooled both men with his professional training in Jiu-Jitsu, which isn’t surprising. Even if both opponents were champion backyard wrestlers, they lacked the finesse to win here. Fortunately, everyone enjoyed the session, and both men wanted to train with Lovi at his academy thereafter.


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