MMA Gym Specifically For Veterans To Relieve Their PTSD

In San Diego, Todd Vance runs an MMA club unlike any other. His gym is called P.O.W., which stands for Pugilistic Offensive Warrior. The gym serves as a place for military veterans to relieve their PTSD.

PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Military veterans, typically those who have witnessed combat or had near-fatal experience, suffer from PTSD. The disorder can range from mildly to severely debilitating. Regardless, veterans face huge obstacles associated with the disorder upon returning to civilian life.

Treatments for PTSD are also a variety package. There are some medications, but most therapists recommend that veterans suffering from the disorder also find something that they enjoy doing that helps relax them. As readers of this blog, it’s likely that you already understand how grappling and MMA can serve as a means of improvement and relaxation.

NPR recently ran a story on the gym that I highly recommend checking out. The mission of this gym is extremely noble. It’s about helping our nation’s veterans find a calm, and comfortable place in this world. The warrior lifestyle can be highly demanding. For our returning warriors, a physical fight can be exactly what they need to be victorious in their inner fights.

If you would like to donate or offer support to P.O.W., be sure to visit their website:

All photos from: David Gilkey/NPR



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