Video Evidence Renzo Gracie a Great Guy Even When Cameras Aren’t Rolling

The news may mostly be crap, but you can still feel good about Renzo Gracie.

The New York local, former fighter, and fancypants gym owner was stopped by a fan identified only as “DJS” on the streets of NYC. DJS and company were, apparently unbeknownst to Gracie, filming the friendly encounter when a homeless woman approached the group asking for money. It’s freezing in NYC currently, and most New Yorkers are used to blanking panhandlers entirely, but Gracie kept it benevolent AF, chatting with the woman before playfully passing her some money. Then he pulled her in for a hug and kiss.

Is it news? No. Do we all still benefit from a few moments of kindness? Absolutely:

Video by: Des Instagram: @d35513

“I DIDN’T SEE YOU GUYS FILMING 🙈🙈 Repost from @d35513 Walking around Manhattan last night and we bump into Renzo Gracie on the street. He greets us as we are his friend for 10 years and chats to us. I begger comes up and asks him for money, instead of dismissing them he chats to her the same way he did with us, gives her money a kiss and a hug. What a gentleman 🙏 #Renzogracie #sbgcharlestown


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