MMA Rewind: Renzo Gracie Gets His Arm Broken By Sakuraba

On August 27, 2000, Kazushi Sakuraba and Renzo Gracie faced off in Japan. The bout was Sakuraba’s third against a member of the Gracie family. He’s well-known for beating three different Gracie clan members in legendary fights. In this match, Sakuraba won with a devastating Kimura that dislocated Renzo’s elbow.

It was a devastating submission that ended the match immediately. Both fighters showed grace in victory and in loss after the fight. Without a doubt, the moment is painful to watch. Nobody doubted Sakuraba after that fight, although few doubted him coming into the fight.

See the moment when Renzo Gracie gets his arm broken by Sakuraba:

Renzo Gracie VS Sakuraba Pride FC


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