Violent Ride-Sharing Assault – 3 Chokes EVERY Woman Should Know


  1. yeah this never happened in an old school cab…. thank god you’re telling us how to survive our next uber ride. Come on guys. you’re talking about this like it’s a new danger. ride sharing services are way safer than traditional cabs. this is the worst kind of click bait.

  2. You do realize the background checks are taken more seriously by UBER then can companies. Your are also Vivien the drivers name and personal info before you step into the car. It’s a hell of a lot safer then a cab. Stop trying to profit from false fear.

    • No it isn’t, Uber was sued for 25 million just in Seattle for making you believe that BS, plus a driver for Uber and I am allowed to use a fake name on my driver profile, and uber says that’s just fine. Uber does not even do a real criminal background check… Stop drinking that coolaid!

      Any Joe can just sign into an app and pick you up. You never even meet an uber rep…

  3. It’s a FREE session and if the free session generates profit because the attendees decide to sign up for the regular class then that’s good because it is a business and there is nothing wrong with it. Let everyone decide for themselves. You try running a business and see where you get if you don’t have the skills to do what it takes to get the business. At least these people are teaching a skill self defense skill to those who need it. They want the attendees to experience it because they care about the safety of women. But, if one chooses she can easily watch this video and not show up or sign up for class as well. So get over yourself and stop being so negative.

  4. Both the driver and the passenger are on digital file, wayyy safer than a random taxi driver or a random customer for a taxi driver likely using cash as opposed to cards. My namesake is from a family friend who was a taxi driver that was murdered via handgun for $20, this takes that the anonymity out of the equation.


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