Watch This 72-Year-Old Blue Belt Drilling Armbars And Kiss Your Excuses Goodbye

When you train multiple times a week, it’s normal to wake up tired and sore. But that’s never stopped 72-year-old Joe Diener from showing up to train just as he always does. Diener is a blue belt, a veteran, and basically what we should all aspire to be like not only when we’re his age, but also right now.

In this video, Diener works armbar drills with his training partner. If you needed a bit of weekend motivation to get off the couch and get to open mat, this should do the trick.

Here’s Joe Diener drilling an armlock we were working today. Joe is 72 and trains 4-5 a week. He rolls like a savage too. He wakes up sore and bruised up just like us, some days he also doesn’t feel like training but he pushes through. Don’t tell yourself you can’t train or you can’t eat healthy or you can’t exercise. This man jumped out of airplanes in Vietnam for crying out loud. Everyone should be like Joe. #belikejoe

Posted by Louis Armezzani on Wednesday, November 29, 2017


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