Poor Sportmanship In BJJ Tournament Ends Up With Punches

Poor sportsmanship at a BJJ tournament ended up with two female white belts throwing punches at each other.

The match started out normally with a first bump. The “brown belt” (actually a white belt, but wearing a brown for identification purposes) pulled guard, but the white belt passed and transitioned to mount. After a struggle, she tapped the brown belt to an armbar.

The brown belt/White Belt was visibly angry when she got up and said something in Russian to her opponent. After the referee raised the white belt’s hand in victory, he tried to get the two women to shake hands.

They had other ideas, though.

The brown belt/White belt again said something in Russian to her opponent. We’re not quite sure what it was, but it was enough to cause the white belt to hit her. A brief scuffle ensued before the spectators jumped in to break the two women up.

You can watch the full video below.


    • Totally agree , I speak Portuguese as well and that was the first thing I noticed as well . Second the monitor that it is DEFINITELY NOT PORTUGUESE!
      Please correct your article

  1. Its in russian. Brown belt girl said “are you fuckin out of your mind?”. I guess she was upset by an elbow on her face during the match (in mount).

    • Well that was a real world armbar. That’s the problem with sport jiujitsu. Get a little rough and people get pissed. Lol

  2. Boo Ladies! Your actions and behaviour are a total embarassment to the BJJ community and particularly the women. Shame on you. Your academy, teamates and coaches must be embarassed also because they should be not to mention disappointed.? I hope you are both penalized for this with a minimal 1 year suspension from competing because you don’t belong there!

  3. Definitely Russian. My friend just translated for me, because I was curious. One of the things I love about BJJ is the camaraderie, sportsmanship, and drive for personal growth. This is disappointing.


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