Who Should McGregor Fight Next ??

As everyone already knows Conor McGregor was defeated this weekend by Nate Diaz. This came as a shock to some. With both fighters competing out of their normal weight class anything could have happened.  After the fight Conor stated he would most likely go back down and defend his feather weight title next.  This however could change in a moment’s notice as we have seen he is often unpredictable. One point, is that with McGregor putting on additional weight; moving back to 145 may be a tough cut. So the question remains, who should he face next ? There are a few obvious options that I believe could very likely happen.

  • Jose Aldo– The former feather weight and p4p king was undefeated for 10 years and definitely deserves a rematch. Many people believe Jose was to cocky and was hit with a lucky shock. This could be a great match-up to show Mcgregors true dominance or allow Jose to avenge his loss and take his place back as the p4p king.

jose aldo


  • Frankie Edgar- This guy has been calling Conor out for a while now and the match would be interesting. Frankie Edgar (much like nate) is almost impossible to knock out. Frankie simply continues to march forward and it would be interesting to see if he could take Conor down and impose his will or if Conor could indeed put him away.



  • Any High ranking Lightweight– While it is unlikely Rafael Dos Anjos would be ready to fight soon it would be interesting to see Conor in the light weight division. This division could actually be doable for him and we all know he wants to have multiple belts.

Rafael Dos Anjos


  • Nate Diaz Rematch– While this hasn’t really been talked about it would be great to see them fight at light weight with both parties having a full camp. Conor stated with adjustments he thinks he can put out Nate or any larger opponent. This would give Conor the chance to avenge his loss and compete at light weight in one single shot.

nate diaz

Are you a Conor McGregor fan? Who would you like to see him fight next ? Who do you think is most deserving and what do you think the outcome would be ? Is Conor still unbeatable at feather or was his weakness exposed by Nate?


  1. Frankie Edgar bar none.

    He has been waiting over a year. Put Aldo up against another guy, anyone, he will win. He’ll still be the #2 guy in the division with no exception outside the champ as of now. He was number one for a long time, and personally, I think he’s still better than Conor if he has a better game plan. If Conor wins that, good for him, and he proved my worthless opinion wrong. congrats.


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