Too Much Exercise Bad For Your Health?

Is Too Much Exercise Bad For Your Health?


  1. This common sense and is the same in all sports. But most often it is the elite that may train to much. For most other people it is more often the opposite. It is harde than you think to get overtrainde. But listen to you bodies signals. And elite sport is not healthy. So the question is. Are you training to try to become as great as you can at the sport or are you training for health. It is two totally different things. But of course overtraining is never good. But you also mix you program as all others smart training sportspeople do. If you are not a bodybuilder you train probably maximum 3 times weighttraining a week. 3 times cardio. How often you can do matchsparring you have to listen to your body. Also when you drill techniques you have to drill it easy if you want to be able to train a lot. If you do it to hard it wont be good. Also choose techniques to vary what part of the boby that will be involved. All other sports do this. To have a plan with your training and competition is a smart thing to do. If you fail to plan…. 😀 Use your brain when you train!!! 😀


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