The Williams Guard – 4 Videos

Recently Jiu-jitsu Times interviewed Renzo Gracie black belt Shawn Williams who developed a special type of guard game that is named after him.

Listen to the audio interview here: Off the Mat with a BJJ Black Belt: Shawn Williams (Audio Interview)

I have been experimenting with the Williams guard and am having some impressive early success with both controlling the opponent and finishing with the omoplata.

Check out a mini-tutorial by the man himself, Shawn Williams

1) Getting To The Williams Guard

Now we are ready to attack depending on how the opponent reacts

2) Most Common Attack – Far Armbar From The Williams Guard

3) Triangle Choke From Williams Guard

4) Omoplata From Williams Guard
* This has been my most successful attack

Video credits: JiuJitsu Mag

read also: “Hey! It Worked!”


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