Wiz Khalifa Came To Support His Friend Competing At IBJJF Worlds 2017

Photo By: Mike Calimbas

Rapper Wiz Khalifa — famous for such song as “King of Everything” and “Lit” — showed up at an IBJJF tournament to support his friend.

Khalifa made headlines back in May when both he and his instructor, BJJ legend and seventh-degree red and black belt Rigan Machado, posted pictures of Wiz in a BJJ gi at Rigan’s Beverly Hills academy:

Wiz Khalifa Is Now Training Jiu-Jitsu With Rigan Machado

Yet even he took up Brazil’s soft art, Wiz Khalifa had gained the attention of the mixed martial arts community when he came out in support of fellow BJJ and marijuana enthusiast, Nick Diaz, who at the time had fallen victim to what many believed to be an excessive punishment for pot use:


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