World Champion Meggie Ochoa Fights Back Against Child Sex Abuse

While child sex abuse is a global epidemic, the numbers in the Philippines are especially shocking: 1 in every 4 Filipinos between the ages of 13-24 are victims of sexual violence, according to Unicef, a number which has spurred black belt and Asian Games medalist Meggie Ochoa into action.

Over the last two years, Ochoa and her organization Fight to Protect have helped hundreds of victims rebuild their relationships with their bodies after abuse through jiu-jitsu.

“Some of them saw themselves as worthless because of what they experienced,” the fighter told the South China Morning Post.

The Post featured Ochoa and some of her students over the weekend:

You can help support Ochoa, who says that she feels guided by God to use jiu-jitsu to help rehabilitate victims globally, by following her and Fight to Protect here and here.


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