Yuri Simoes Recovering After Post-ADCC Knee Surgery, Thanks to Community

Champion grappler and Caio Terra Academy general manager Yuri Simoes already had a post-injury comeback arc, one that endeared him to students and fans as they watched him work through cinematic adversity. Sidelined as he prepared for his MMA debut and ADCC by a torn ACL and meniscus in 2016, the fighter has been candid about that tough recovery, fear he would never return to competition, and the subsequent wins (like that 2017 ADCC gold) he had to pry from the grips of post-surgical mobility problems and pain. So it was especially devastating for followers of Simoes’ story when he returned to ADCC this September, fully healed and looking strong, only to blow his knee apart before returning to the podium he’s previously topped twice.

Even more problematic was the need to totally overhaul that torn up knee, again, an expense that transcends “surgery be expensive” and crossed over into potentially life-ruining territory as the athlete stares down at least a year off from competing and teaching in order to recover…meaning no wages.

A fundraiser was started for Simoes, raising over $8000.00 to help cover medical and recovery expenses–a wonderful, heart-warming drop in the bucket, but still not enough to survive on. Thats where ADCC organizer Mo Jassim stepped in, apparently linking Simoes with top reconstruction experts and financial help fill in gaps preventing him from getting on the table.

Yesterday, Simoes finally went under the knife and officially began what is sure to be a challenging, inspiring, expensive, motivating recovery yet again. The fight star reflected on the help–and the sunshine and rainbow chasing “friends” who bolted once he was laid up again–in a heartfelt post:

Swift healing to you, Professor.


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