10 Quotes Nate Diaz Made Before UFC 196 That Make Him Look Like a Prophet

During the 11-days prior to UFC 196, Nate Diaz did the media rounds with his adversary Conor McGregor. While many fans would agree that Mystical Mac’s gift of gab helped him get win the “Yo Momma” portion of their fight, Nate Diaz had a number of very prophetic quotes that proved to be true at UFC 196. Here are his top 10 prophetic quotes by Nate Diaz prior to stepping into the Octagon with McGregor.

“You know what’s the real fight, the real money fight. It’s me.” – UFC on Fox after beating Michael Johnson: Turns out Nate was the real money fight as UFC 196 drew an $8.1 million gate and Dana White indicated the PPV numbers likely broke records.

“I came ready to fight, any weight class it doesn’t matter, I came to fight.” – UFC 196 press conference at UFC Gym Torrance: Many thought McGregor would hold an advantage of Diaz since he didn’t have to cut weight for this fight, but McGregor’s stamina was impacted by his larger frame, while Diaz was comfortable fighting at his natural weight.

“You are fighting midgets. You knocked 3 midgets and you are pumped. I fight real grown ups all the time.” – UFC 196 press conference: Even Conor conceded at the press conference that Diaz’s extra size and weight allowed him to weather blows that finished Dustin Poirer, Chad Mendes, and Jose Aldo.

“I am going to kill or be killed. That is what I am coming with.” – UFC 196 press conference at UFC Torrance and other media appearances: In the middle the second round, Conor McGregor had all of the momentum as he had battered and bloodied Diaz. Then Diaz turned on the switch and fought as he was willing to go down on his sword. He stood toe-to-toe with McGregor and staggered him, which was the beginning of the end for the Irishman.

“I don’t give a fuck.” – just about every media appearance for UFC 196: Unlike Aldo and Poirier, Diaz didn’t get phased by McGregor’s trash talk during their media tour. When Diaz said “I don’t give a fuck,” he really meant it and his counter-antics got into McGregor’s head.

“Hit him with some good shit, don’t get hit, and come home with a pocket full of cash.” – ABC 10 Stockton: Nate Diaz brought home the biggest pay day of his career with a flat $500,000 purse and $100,000 in win bonuses. Throw in discretionary bonuses and sponsorship money, and its a great day in the 209. Diaz did get hit pretty bad above his right eye before rallying for the win.

“He better hope he gets that knockout otherwise he’s going to get a fucked up night for him.” – Fox Sports One: After McGregor was unable to finish Diaz, despite unloading his best shots on him, he was left fatigued. This created an opening for Diaz to rally on McGregor. It was indeed a “fucked up night for him” after he was unable to knockout Diaz.

“You got two tapped out by two nobodies. It wasn’t even that long ago, maybe a few weeks ago.” – Fox Sports One: Diaz called out McGregor’s two lone losses which both came by submission. If there was a small hole in the featherweight champ’s game, it was his grappling. Diaz weakened McGregor with blows from the mount and caused him to go belly down before cinching the rear naked choke for the upset.

“I am going to kill you.” – Fox Sports One: Diaz had McGregor in a rear naked choke at the end of the fight. If it was the streets instead of an Octagon, Diaz would have ended McGregor’s life right there.

“You got the weakest, lamest lineup of training partners I never heard of.” – Fox Sports One: Artem Lobov is a legit UFC prospect, but McGregor lacked the quality and depth of training partners Diaz possessed in his camp. Nate Diaz’s confidence came from years of training with Nick Diaz, Gilbert Melendez, and Jake Shields. All three held titles in various organizations and headlined UFC shows in recent years. Add in world class kickboxer Joe Schilling, world boxing champion Andre Ward, and ADCC champion Kron Gracie and you can see why Nate is confident in his game. His submission victory was fitting considering his corner men were world class grapplers Jake Shields and Kron Gracie.






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