11 Year Old That Received Jr. Black Belt is Now Receiving Death Threats

EverythingLubbock.com has followed up on the recent story where an 11 year old BJJ student received a Junior Black Belt and it has taken a very disturbing turn. The student and his family, who reside in Lubbock, TX, have recently received death threats.

It all started when the student received a “Junior Black Belt” from Carlos Machado Black Belt Klay Pittman. The student’s proud grandfather posted a video of the promotion on his Facebook page. The video was then shared by a Midlands, TX martial arts instructor who questioned the legitimacy of the belt. The video then went viral and the student’s family and Pittman soon started receiving threats. Pittman filed a police report on February 24th. EverythingLubbock.com asked Pittman to comment on the situation. He responded:

“It’s absolutely disgusting,”  Klay Pittman said.  “Some of these comments are made towards this wonderful young man who’s my student and to make those kind of comments it doesn’t take any type of discipline, it doesn’t require any kind of courage and the truth is, if you have to express violent intent, you’re a small person.”

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  1. People really need to get a handle on their emotions and get a grip on reality. No matter how you feel about “black belts” for kids, no one deserves to get death threats and especially not a child. Stop it. Grow the fuck up and show the honor and respect for BJJ, that you claim is the reason you are so upset. BJJ is being tainted by this kind of promotion, but treating a child like this and being a bully is much much worse.


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