Light Weight Vs Heavy Weight Bareknuckle Fight No Rules Ending With Rear Naked Choke

At 5’4″ and 175 pounds, you wouldn’t think much of Phil Stroffolino on the street. He’s a computer programmer, video game designer, and carries a high IQ. Everything about him seems to fall on the unassuming side. However, Stroffolino is a completely different person once he enters a fight and takes off his shirt. It’s possible to tell he’s a pretty strong guy at that point. A short stature doesn’t make him less intimidating.

He competed in HOOKnSHOOT’s absolute tournament, which features no rules during matches. Stroffolino wound up facing a 290-pound man that looked ready to crush his mind and body. In a bit of a shocking twist, Stroffolino handled his opponent with some ease. We all know that size doesn’t matter as much as skill and strategy during a fight. This bout proves that point to us once again.


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