2015 NY Open Judo Team Tournament

2015 NY Open Judo Team Tournament

The 2015 New York Open Tournament held at the New York Athletic Center on March 29, 2015 brought over numerous world class athletes. The New York Open is run by the New York Athletic Center by a trio of former US National Medalists in Dr. Mel Applebaum, Dr. Arthur Canario, and John Walla.

In the crowd were MMA fighters including Aljamain Sterling and Eddie Gordon. A considerable amount of BJJ fighters and instructors were also there including Renzo Gracie; who was watching some of the elite level Judo athletes in attendance compete. Travis Stevens, owner of Travis Stevens BJJ, who is a Black Belt in Judo and BJJ (2 time Olympian in Judo and s Copa Podio veteran in BJJ) was also at hand but wasn’t able to compete.

1987 World Champion and 1988 Olympic Bronze Medalist Mike Swain whom many BJJ practitioners may know from his famous Swain Mats as well as Sylwester Gawel, President of New York State Judo and Judomarket.com were also in attendance.

The NY Open is a competition well known for bringing in top competitors for over 30 years, possibly as a result of the prize money awarded. This year the Olympians at hand were 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist Yalennis Castillo, 2012 Olympian Dayaris Maestre Alvarez, 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Kayla Harrison, 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist Marti Malloy, and 2008, 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist Yanet Bermoy Acosta. There were also a number of high level competitors including the Silver Medalist in the US Senior Nationals Andrew Jacobs, US National Champions Everet Desilets and Hana Carmichael, and European and World Champion Clarisse Agbegnenou.

The NY Open utilizes a nation based team format in determining the overall winner of the tournament. This year an additional incentive was awarded of $100 in bitcoins anytime a competitor scored an Ippon (which is a full point either in pin, submission, or throw).

The Men’s division saw numerous victories by throws, pins, points and submissions. Garry St.Leger performed a beautiful full mount into a turn over into an arm bar. This left his opponent no option but to tap from the submission. This would earn Garry $100 in bitcoins.

Olympian Marti Malloy won both of her matches via arm bar submission.

Olympian Marti Malloy’s first match



Finals Match for Marti Malloy

Of course it wouldn’t be Judo without some beautiful throws.

Such as Uchi Mata

High Hip Throws by Kayla Harrison

Reverse Throws

Reversals from Throws

Escapes from Throws

Barely stopping a throw from taking full effect.

A display of the ability to capitalize on the mistakes of your opponent

Olympic Gold Medalist Kayla Harrison would win the final match of the night against Olympic Silver Medalist Y. Castillo via arm bar

The tournament would also see a beautiful performance of Nage No Kata by Lloyd Llamas. The Men’s division ended with a 3peat win for Team France (who won the past two tournaments), with Germany taking second place, the USA third, and Poland taking forth. The Womens division had the United States taking first, Cuba taking second and France taking third place. The sold out event had over a thousand fans in attendance and although hard to imagine the competition levels are sure to grow even stronger as the years go by.





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