Buchecha Vs Rickson Gracie

In an exciting and unusual turn of events, a man who is considered one of the greatest Jiu Jitsu practitioners ever has announced he is coming out of retirement for a special super fight. Rickson Gracie hasn’t competed since May 26th, 2000. That’s right, you’re hearing it here at Jiu Jitsu Times first: in 2015, Rickson Gracie has a special super fight scheduled against the current IBJJF Men’s Black Belt Absolute World Champ, Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida.

Rickson has been developing his special style of “invisible” Jiu Jitsu and has choice words for his tactics “Buchecha will not see me coming.” The legendary son of BJJ Founder Helio Gracie stated that he was done with competition in a recent interview and has no intention of coming out of retirement, but he feels that this match will set Jiu Jitsu back on the right path.

Almeida on the other hand has some different plans for the match. “I have been working on my Berimbolo game, and I am very excited to showcase the dominance of new Jiu Jitsu over the old style.” The thought of Buchecha pulling off a Berimbolo may seem silly, but sitting at the current pinnacle of the sport can be boring, so he has decided to give fans the absurdity that they love.

In his last highly publicized battle against a Gracie, Buchecha absolutely took it to Roger Gracie, who survived the sub only assault and fought to a draw against the young buck. Fans, however, didn’t see an invisible Jiu Jitsu in this match, nor will they see it in Buchecha’s match against Rickson (because it’s invisible and no one can see it).

The match is slated for the upcoming Metamoris card, and has been added as the headliner, because let’s be honest it is way more awesome than Josh Barnett vs. Cyborg Abreu. Now Joe Rogan might consider supporting the promotion just one more time.



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