Former 2020 Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Says “It Would Make Us All Safer” If Police Officers Were BJJ Purple Belts

There are a lot of democratic presidential candidates to choose from in this next election cycle, and one of them is a big jiu-jitsu and MMA fan. Yang has confirmed that both he and his young son train BJJ, and he’s actually used part of his platform to advocate for MMA fighters’ rights when it comes to profit vs. pay (which you can read more about here).

Martial artists all over the political spectrum were understandably excited about “one of us” running for president, and now, in a video from White Belt BJJ, Yang has shared his opinion on BJJ in law enforcement. When asked if it should be mandatory for all police officers to be BJJ purple belts, Yang said that it “definitely” should be and that “it would make us all safer,” adding that it could help the cops be healthier as well.

Watch the clip below:


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