23-Year-Old Wrestler Challenging People At The Bar To Wrestle For $100, BJJ Black Belt Accepted The Challenge

A 23-year-old was challenging people to a wrestling match a bar, and a BJJ black belt answered the call.

In the video below, the black belt takes the wrestler’s back immediately. He sinks in a body triangle and fights for a RNC.

For the most part, the competitors stay civil. However, the black belt warns the wrestler that if cranks on his fingers again, he’s going to choke him out and not let go. One of the men watching the fight also reminds the wrestler to stay off of the black belt’s fingers.

Fingers or not, the wrestler obviously did not stand a chance. A little over two minutes in and he frantically taps the grass. The video ended shortly after.


  1. Video just took a minute to load. Was the wrestler attempting to break a few fingers? Would explain why the black belt held on to the choke at the end.

  2. Tino has trained under some of the greatest black belts in the world. As they mentioned John Lewis also Robert Drysdale. Nice wrist lock to set up the choke.

  3. This “wrestlers” first move was a head and arm. It’s the first move you learn as a 6 year old and it’s the first move you’re told not to use once you get into high school. Regardless, still entertaining.


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