24hr Charity Roll-A-Thon in Columbus OH

Grove City BJJ Academy (www.grovecityjiujitsu.com/) is hosting a 24hr Roll-A-Thon on July 18th-19th, 9am-9am. The purpose of this event is to raise at least $2,000 for the general fund of Helping Hands Center in Columbus Ohio.


Helping Hands Center is a school for children with autism and other disabilities. They currently serve K-8 and are transitioning to K-12th grade. The school provides schooling, therapy and other services. We want to help them with that.

The owner of GCBJJ has a son Tyler who is autistic and has attended Helping Hands for three years. The staff and programs have helped Tyler better function day to day. The staff is amazing and the help they provide these children is priceless.

At the Roll-A-Thon, a staff member will be on the mats for a full 24hrs. The owner, and BJJ Black Belt Dave Freetage, is going to attempt to roll with everyone who attends the event. You can show up make a donation as a mat fee and roll at anytime during the 24hrs. If you can’t attend and still want to donate, you can donate via PayPal to: dfreetage@yahoo.com


See event page:



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