2nd Degree Black Belt Idriz Redzovic Stops Car Break-In And Handles It Like A Black Belt

Imagine being wiped from training, finishing up a holiday season open mat, and walking out to go to your car, only to discover that someone was breaking into it. This is exactly what happened to Chicago-based Black Belt Idriz Redzovic this past weekend.

Upon discovering that the perpetrator had suspiciously pulled the handle of an adjacent locked car, Idriz alongside Team Redzovic purple belt Ibro Križevac kept a keen eye on the suspect. Their suspicions were confirmed when the would-be thief opened Idriz’s unlocked car.

The security footage taken at the academy shows the two running outside, surrounding the car, and Idriz proceeding on pulling the attacker out of the car and going to knee on belly. The attacker struggled under the size and skill disadvantage, eventually succumbing to Idriz’s control and ceasing resistance. Ibro meanwhile called the cops and the perpetrator, a 17-year-old, was booked in the squad car and his father was called. According to his own account, Idriz felt compassion for the minor who he believed made a stupid mistake rather than a fatal error and didn’t think it was right to physically hurt the suspect nor put him on blast on social media. The footage captured comes strictly from the Team Redzovic security cameras outside the academy.

Idriz has expressed an interest in eventually reaching out to the suspect to see if jiu-jitsu could possibly play a role in the minors personal development. The suspect was controlled in a manner you would expect from someone who had adequate training, it’s difficult to imagine how this would not turn out more violent and potentially chaotic had the car break-in occurred against someone who had little to no training. Luckily Idriz is just shy of having 20 years of experience on the mats.

If you are in Chicago and would like to learn jiu-jitsu from Idriz or any of his cousins, click here.

Listen and watch Idriz’s vlog recap of the events below.


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