Gracie Breakdown Of Viral 7-Eleven Fight + A Black Belt Guarantee

Third-degree Chicago based black belt was simply going to 7-11 one night getting his kids some slurpees, little did he know that what would unfold would alter the course of his journey dramatically. 

In a nationally publicized encounter, Idriz Redzovic harmlessly neutralized an attacker that allegedly punched a 7-Eleven employee by taking him down and putting him into a gift wrap (aka Twisting Arm Control), a standard jiu-jitsu pin ubiquitous in schools around the world.  

In this edition of Gracie Breakdown, Idriz along with his longtime friend Rener Gracie hit the mats to discuss potential hazards that could have gone down. A major emphasis is put on the value of remaining calm in a potentially dangerous scenario. Rener points out the level of confidence one must have in order to maintain composure in a situation like this, enough so to bring out your phone to film. Idriz handled the situation that was lauded by several news stations as a prime example of how one can safely, non-violently neutralize an aggressor in everyday society. 

In a separate talk, Rener speaks directly to black belt school owners that may have reservations about how they run their school. With Idriz as the first black belt on board, Rener offers an unprecedented ‘Black Belt Guarantee” where jiu-jitsu black belts who go through the Gracie University Instructor Certification Program (ICP) and establishes a Certified Training Center (CTC), will have two years to experiment with the programs with no risk. If, by the end of the two year period, the black belt doesn’t believe that the Gracie University system is “the best thing they’ve ever done for their jiu-jitsu business,” then they can cancel the arrangement and Gracie University will refund all the association fees they had paid up until that point.

This is the first time any BJJ organization has offered such an audacious risk-free trial opportunity, but Rener says it’s rooted in both his confidence in the programs he and his brother, Ryron, have created, and in his desire to help struggling school owners reap greater benefits from lives committed to BJJ.

In order to qualify for the 2-Year Black Belt Guarantee, one must reserve a territory within 60 days of the posting of the video. Only time will tell if this initiative will be fruitful for Gracie University and the black belts who take Rener up on the offer.

Watch below as Idriz and Rener dive deep into the mechanics of the 7-Eleven incident followed by a spirited talk on the business of jiu-jitsu: 


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