3 Dumb Rules In Jiu-Jitsu

IBJJF Manila

One of my favorite topics in Jiu-Jitsu is the rule system. People always have very strong opinions about the rules and the governing bodies which can draw out heated and passionate discussions. A few months ago I wrote an article about 3 rule changes that the IBJJF should make, (3 Rule Changes Jiu-Jitsu Needs), but now I want to talk about three specific rules that just don’t make sense at all. So, disclaimer, this is my opinion and you are entitled to your own. I think in general the majority of the community will agree that these three rules definitely need a change.

The Illegalization of the Guard Jump For White Belts- I understand that this rule was put into place because it can protect athletes from danger. However, we have to remember this is not a tickling contest. Jumping guards is one of the most basic strategies in BJJ, so making it illegal especially at white belt can really hurt the person who plays bottoms chances of winning. I am sure plenty of white belts also get their arms damaged in competition, but we would never bad arm bars because it wouldn’t make sense. Well, in my opinion neither does this.

50-50 Advantages/ Points – Disclaimer, I am not exactly sure is this has been changed recently, so if this point is invalid I apologize. 50-50 is the most abused system currently in BJJ. The 50-50 allows people to play the game of see saw with player trading top time in exchange for points and advantages. This is getting ridiculous and needs to be changed. I think we the IBJJF need to regard this as a neutral position with neither player receiving points or advantages for the come up.

Illegal Moves at Black Belt- This one mainly refers to the heel hook, but can be generalized to all illegal submissions.  In my own opinion, black belt should be able to use any submission they want in competition. At black belt you should know both the attack and defense for every possible submission, so banning them makes no sense.

What do you think about these 3 rules? Should the IBJJF leave them or get rid of them all together


  1. I personally destroyed my friends knee by jumping guard in training when he wasn’t ready. It resulted in a horrific dislocation of the knee, and it tore his meniscus and 4 out of 5 ligaments in the knee. Guard jump is the most dangerous technique in the sport and thank God it got banned.


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