What Does Paulo Miyaos Take-Down Mean For The Future ?

Recently a video of Paulo Miyao has gone viral sparking a variety of hilarious memes. In his match with Felipe Brito he managed to get a slick double leg and appeared to even surprise himself afterwards. This raises some interesting questions about both the future of the Miyaos and the future of lightweight divisions in general. Its interesting to watch because it seems he was up by at least 2 points already , so going for the take-down was actually not in pursuit of the win. I image the true reason behind the take-down may remain a mystery, but none the less is great for the show.  Here are some of the main impacts I think this may have in the future.

  • The Miyaos Winning ADCC – They have both competed in ADCC before, but to my knowledge they have never won the title. This can be in part due to the emphasis on take-downs which was never their strong game. I think as they get more comfortable with taking people down in competition they could pose a serious threat in future ADCC events and stand a solid shot at winning.
  • World Championships – If utilized correctly they both may have a shot at future world titles which have eluded them. While Paulo was able to win his world title this year; I believe they may have more success in the future in both gi and nogi worlds. Utilizing the take-down will see them start with at least a 2 point advantage which can make or break matches.
  • More Professional Matches – The Miyaos are no stranger to Pro Jiu Jitsu, but take-downs are exciting and if promoters take notice we may see more of them. Many of the Miyaos Pro matches and even normal matches are critiqued for being somewhat boring, but if they use a more aggressive style this could be interesting. I know I would love to see them in super matches against Keenan again.


What do you think about the take-down? Was this just a one-time thing or could we see more of this in the future?


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