3 Things You Should Do After Jiu Jitsu That You Probably Don’t.

So we all train and train quite hard. Jiu Jitsu is always hard on our bodies and in general, we usually take very good care of our bodies.  We might get injured here and there, but this is honestly not as common as it is portrayed to be. We also tend to eat pretty healthy and protect our joints with tape. We take all these measures to ensure the safety of our body, but most of us neglect one important aspect. What am I talking about you ask? I am talking about the post workout routine for Jiu Jitsu. Most, if not all of us usually hop in the car immediately after training, take a shower and either go to bed or sit and watch some T.V or get some computer type work done. These are the top things you should be doing after training Jiu Jitsu

  • Stretch and Roll- In many ways Jiu Jitsu is similar to resistance training and our muscles take a beating and our joints get tight. Stretching after a workout of any sort helps relieve muscle tension and prevents future injury.
  • Rehydrate and Consume Protein- After a training session you are surely dehydrated and in a catabolic state. It is important to rehydrate and provide your body with protein/BCAAs to prevent muscle tissue breakdown, and reduce soreness.
  • Use a Hot Tub or Epson Bath- While this one is optional; I find it very useful. The benefits of Hot tubs and Epson baths are endless. A few of the things they will help with are, insomnia relief, muscle tension relief, relaxation, help cutting weight and there has even been studies that show it may help with diabetes


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