3,500 Students World Record For Largest Jiu-Jitsu Class

The UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation, coinciding with National Day and National Sports Day, has hosted the largest Jiu-Jitsu class on November 25th. Three thousand five hundred pupils around Abu Dhabi enjoyed the anticipated sporting event. It fits because Abu Dhabi students enjoy a popular sport in their schools rise to prominence. The Guinness World Records Committee will also attend to confirm the broken record. It definitely lived up to the hype and then some. Along with the Jiu-Jitsu Federation, the Abu Dhabi Education Council and Palms Sports sponsored the event.

Besides Jiu-Jitsu classes, another activity held during the illustrious event is the Lead Nation operetta. This event brings UAE’s culture, heritage, history, achievements and at least 500 students in UAE together to celebrate National Day. A festive event, this encourages students to perform in extracurricular activities, to build confidence, to work together, and to enhance performance skills. Jiu-Jitsu gives students this opportunity and will encourage students to become the next Jiu-Jitsu champion. Along with students, an invitation was granted to government officials, parents, and the public, including tourists. The event was one for the record books.


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