3CG: Kumite 5 Main Event Result Changed To No-Contest After Controversial Finish

Photo: Third Coast Grappling Championship / iRULL Design

The finale of 3rd Coast Grappling: Kumite V has officially been changed to a no-contest following a controversial end to the match between Roberto Jimenez and Tye Ruotolo.

Jimenez was initially declared the winner in overtime after taking Ruotolo to the ground. Per 3CG overtime rules, the first points scored in overtime would determine the winner, but the person scoring would first have to establish control in the position. The decision to award Jimenez the points for the takedown was controversial to many viewers, who didn’t believe that Jimenez had established control over Ruotolo and thus shouldn’t have been awarded the two points that ended the match.

Yesterday, the promotion announced that, following discussion and review over the decision, the result of the match would be changed to No Contest, with neither competitor being given the win for the match. However, Jimenez will still be able to keep the $10,000 grand prize he won.

3CG’s statement on the situation reads as follows:


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