4 Ways To Make A Living Using BJJ

Photo/twitter: @UAEJJF

The path to black belt is riddled with obstacles and stumbling blocks which make it a long and difficult challenge.  This is why black belt is such a meaningful goal in BJJ.  For some people this goal turns into a new goal which is to be able to use Jiu-Jitsu to make a living and support yourself. While not everyone dedicates their life to BJJ, for some this is truly what makes them happy. For these select entrepreneurial spirits BJJ is their path to freedom. After all should we not pursue the things which make us happy?  Here are the top ways to make a living in BJJ. While they are all related to one another , I am going to mention them separately.

1. Become an instructor – This is the most common path, but also one of the more challenging ones. While anyone can start an academy, it is very hard to be a good enough teacher to earn and retain students in the long run. However if you are able to build a great academy this is probably the most rewarding way to earn a living in BJJ.

2. Compete at a high level– This is by the most challenging since there is only so much money we have the opportunity to win at tournaments and the competition is challenging. The best way to earn a living as a competitor is to also teach. Another thing worth mentioning is you will need to find the right sponsors who are willing to build a good relationship. Also if you are able to build a solid reputation it is also possible to run seminars and make money that way as well.

3. Start a Gear Company– This is one that requires work and perseverance, but if you have the right skills is very possible. There are many niche’s within the BJJ community and a lot of support for new companies as well.

4.Use technology– This is a great way to support the community and also make some extra cash and in some cases a full time living. By use technology I mean careers built around social media, blog writing, digital film editing, magazine writing and photography. There are so many ways you can make an income with technology; it really comes down to your individual skill set and what you are willing to learn.


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