5 Arm Lock Variations From The Guard

When you are dealing with a larger opponent or a better wrestler, sometimes you need to submit off of your back.
In Gi or No-Gi, the arm lock is a primary attack from the guard and there are multiple variations that you can try.

Check out these 5 Arm Lock Variations From The Guard.

1) The standard armlock from guard
Roger Gracie black belt Nic Gregoriades shows the basic mechanics and concepts behind the straight arm lock from the guard.
* Note how important that raising the hips are to prevent your opponent from pulling their arm out!


2) Armbar Sweep From The Guard
Master Ricardo Cavalcanti shows us an armbar from the guard which he combines with attacking a sweep.
When your opponent defends the sweep, he exposes the arm. Attack in combinations!


3) Butterfly Guard “Ude gatame” Arm lock
In the excellent “Rolled Up” series by Budo Videos, Marcelo Garcia shows a sneaky and powerful armbar to use in the Butterfly guard.
Marcelo uses his against defensive opponents and it is a solid attack for those butterfly guard players.


4) Arm bar from overhook in closed guard
If you like to use an overhook in your guard (especially no-gi), check out this tutorial on how to execute the over-hook arm lock from the closed guard position.
* Note the detail of his right hand blocking the shoulder!


5) Arm Bar from Failed Triangle
MANY arm lock submissions from the guard come from the opponent defending your initial triangle attack.
When the opponent defends your triangle with posture and a stiff arm, this is your opening to attack the arm lock.

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