AJ Agazarm Brief Note To Fans

The world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was shaken to its core recently at Polaris III when AJ Agazarm was on the receiving end of the patented Stockton slap from UFC veteran and current World Series Of Fighting contender Jake Shields. The slap came after the two competitors fought to a draw at the event, with a plentiful amount of trash talking between the two happening prior to the event and match. Following the strange series of events, an AJ Agazarm note to fans was posted on the fighters official Facebook page for all to read. The note, while short in length, mocks rival Jake Shields by calling him an intellectually stunted person, a social illiterate lummox, an immature dolt and just about every other insult you can fathom. There is no doubt that the rivalry between these two is a long way from being settled and it will be interesting to see what happens next.

AJ Agazarm On Facebook

“Hey guys,
A brief note to thank everybody for their support and enthusiasm at POLARIS 3 this past weekend.

I took on a talented, but intellectually stunted and socially illiterate lummox named Jake Shields. He promised that submitting me would be easy work, and assured the BJJ/Grappling community that I’d run and stall. As you all saw, neither that promise or assurance was worth the weight of water and he took his frustrations out on me like a child smashing a puzzle on the floor because he couldn’t solve it.

And like the reckless, immature dolt he is, he ignored his commitment to good sportsmanship post-match

Perhaps the less said about that the better; any further attention constitutes a reward.

Thank you to the REAL support, the people who traveled great lengths to make the event LIVE and for the many messages letting me know you enjoyed the match and all the came with it. And especially thank-you to @polaris_professional for reenergizing our sport and setting the stage for yet another incredible event.

Looking forward to the next POLARIS, and I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

AJ Agazarm
The Man Who Proved Jake Shields a Liar”


  1. In my opinion if you have to call names and hurl accusations about your opponent it speaks volumes to your own character or weakness thereof. It’s over, let it go.


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