The 5 Best No-Gi Chokes

As soon as the kimono comes off for No-gi class,..there go all of the collar chokes that you trained!

But don’t despair…no-gi submission grappling have some powerful techniques that you can study and can use to tap your training partners out.

Here are the 5 best No-Gi chokes for you to master:

1) North South Choke
No one is better known for the North South choke than MMA fighter and ADCC Champion Jeff Monson.
Jeff Monson has some huge arms, but pay attention to the details that make or break the choke.
* This is one of the very few submissions that you finish from North South position.


2) High Elbow Guillotine
Grappling phenom Garry Tonon has been burning up the top competitions the last several years and he shows us how to attack the High Elbow Guillotine.
This newer variation of the traditional guillotine choke is more difficult to counter once it is sunk and is seen increasingly in high level competition.
Great details in this version.


3) Darce Choke
When I think of he Darce Choke (named after Renzo Gracie Black belt Joe D’Arce) I think of the author of the Darcepedia…Jeff Glover.
Here Jeff shows on of the the most common ways to attack the Darce from top 1/2 Guard. You will catch many half guard players with this choke!


4) Head and Arm Choke
In No-Gi class, students ask me how can they finish from mount if the opponent is defending their arm lock attempts?
In this video by Stephan Kesting from Grapplearts, he shows another submission threat from mount No-gi.
Always responsible for some of the highest number of submission victories every year in profressional MMA and No-gi, this no-gi choke is a MUST learn.


5) Anaconda Choke
The Anaconda Choke from when your opponent tries to capture your legs for a single or double leg.
This sprawl position is the ideal position to catch the Anaconda.


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